All residents and visitors in the Kerrville area on the Labor Day holiday are invited to spend part of the Monday holiday walking the Kerrville River Trail for the Kerrville Rotary Club’s revived “Walk-a-Fun.”

Chairman Marta Diffen said this is the fifth annual “Walk-a-Fun” for the local service club, if no one counts the gap in 2020 because of COVID-19. She has been a Noon Rotary Club member for four years.

This year she is in charge of this annual walk along the Guadalupe River via the city’s River Trail.

She said this walk is not a “timed” event and there is no charge to participate.

Rotary Club members will provide signage and water stations with free bottles of water.

 The route is planned for one and a half miles out, and one and a half miles back with the planned start at 9 a.m. in the center of Louise Hays Park with free registration under the Sidney Baker bridge.

“People can either walk to the west on the River Trail from there on Tranquility Island and past that, or to the east towards G Street,” Diffen said. “We expect most people will wrap it up by noon. In addition to the walk itself, this year we are adding an information stop right along the river in the park for a ‘Josh the Otter Water Safety Program’,” she said. “This year it will be part of the walk at the river, with a puppet, and we hope to have people demonstrating the floating technique that the program teaches, in the river at Louise Hays Park.”

This activity will probably happen at 10 a.m.

For more information on the Walk-a-Fun, email her at

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