Kerr County has seen a steady increase in COVID-19 cases over the past four weeks, averaging 5-7 new cases daily, with three coronavirus deaths added to the county’s death toll during the same time.

In addition, on Oct. 14, Kerr County officials announced that 15 new COVID-19 cases were recorded, a number that includes 11 cases within a local nursing home.

On Oct. 16, Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator Dub Thomas announced a total of 102 active infections in Kerr County.

Thomas added that two invididuals are currently hospitalized at Peterson Regional Medical Center.

Signifying a change from how reporting has been compiled previously, Thomas reported in this week’s community update meeting that, from now on, he will release the latest COVID-19 pandemic numbers only on Tuesdays and Fridays, and his report will include local active cases, recovered cases, fatalities and hospitalizations.

Of particular interest, he noted that the active case count will now include the cases previously listed in the “To Be Determined” category.

For the past couple of weeks, the TBD cases were those that had shown positives through antigen testing but had yet to be confirmed by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

“The antigen test is considered 90 percent accurate, and everyone that I’ve talked to in the medical field considers it accurate enough to be considered an active case,” Thomas said. “In the interest of giving the community a timely and more accurate account of our local COVID-19 numbers, those TBD numbers will be added into the active count every day.”

Thomas said he will be combining Texas Department of Health & Human Services data with daily Peterson Health reports to determine local case counts and recoveries.

“It’s no secret that DSHS is behind in its investigations of COVID cases, but using the DSHS spreadsheet and the good information I get every day from Peterson Regional Medical Center’s Infection Prevention team, I can get a pretty accurate picture of our local case counts,” Thomas said. “It’s not perfect, but I think it’s the best data we have that will allow our local businesses, schools and elected officials to make decisions on how best to mitigate the virus.”

Given the changes, Thomas reported that as of today, Friday, Oct. 16, Kerr County has:

• 102 Active cases of COVID-19 infection;

• 760 Recoveries in people once considered positive, but who have since moved beyond the contagious period;

• 13 Fatalities from COVID-19 (the last of which was posted Oct. 8, 2020);

• 2 Hospitalizations of people receiving treatment for COVID-19 at Peterson Regional Medical Center.

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