The McWhiney History Education Group in Kerrville, Texas is the recipient of a Humanities Texas Relief Grant. This non-profit operates State House Press, Bear Leader Tours, and conducts a number of history-related outreach projects across the state and nation. It is currently in partnership with Schreiner University to launch the new Texas Center on that Kerrville campus.

This summer, Humanities Texas awarded more than $1.1 million to 198 Texas nonprofits that suffered losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Recipients include museums, libraries, preservation organizations and heritage and cultural centers, among many others. These organizations offer historical and cultural programs that have significant impact within their communities. Humanities Texas aims to help these organizations remain vital in this difficult time.

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to provide critical support to so many organizations across the state,” said Humanities Texas Executive Director Eric Lupfer. “Looking ahead, we will continue to seek ways to assist Texas cultural and educational institutions in surviving this crisis.”

“There is no way to sugar-coat this, 2020 has been rugged,” Dr. Donald S. Frazier, Director of The Texas Center at Schreiner University said. “The McWhiney Group was in the process of moving from Abilene to Kerrville when all of the economic assumptions for the year evaporated—or rather vaporized—in the face of COVID-19. A grant from Humanities Texas helped buffer some of the losses in publishing revenues and historical touring revenues that have been a hallmark of McWhiney for years. The fact that they are now moved into the Texas Center, setting up shop, and carrying forth with their mission is a testimony to the great work that Humanities Texas does in this state.”

Funding for these grants has been provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act economic stabilization plan.

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