KerrKonnect completes 5,000th ride since inception

Volunteer driver Mary Ann Moss, right, gave KerrKonnect’s 5,000th ride to member Denise Eckhardt at the end of July. The Kerrville non-profit ride service gave its first ride in October, 2018.

After not even three years in operation, KerrKonnect, Kerrville’s non-profit door-to-door transit system for older residents and non-drivers, offered its 5,000th ride.

The occasion happened on the last weekday of July, when volunteer driver Mary Ann Moss drove Denise Eckhardt to her physical therapy appointment.

“I was amazed to see the number at 5,000,” Matteson said. “The fact we’ve delivered that many rides in such a short time is a testament to both the need and to the community’s ability to respond.”

Since giving its first ride in October of 2018, KerrKonnect has grown steadily even in the face of an ongoing need for volunteer drivers and the pandemic that shut down the country. While the number of rides dipped during the early stages in 2020, it soon rebounded as people took steps to mitigate the impact and felt comfortable going out again.

The nonprofit has also added member services including pickup and delivery of groceries and prescriptions, deliveries from food banks, and rides for people transporting pets.

KerrKonnect service is available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., within a 10-mile radius of the Kerr County Courthouse. Fees for users are $20 for an annual membership and $2 per trip. Drivers donate their time and use their own vehicles and fuel.

To schedule a ride, become a volunteer driver, make a donation, or become a member, visit, or call (830) 315-5377.

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