County seeks deputy registrar volunteers

Any citizen who would like to help with local elections and local voters is invited to complete upcoming training to become a Kerr County Volunteer Deputy Registrar.

“Whether you want to encourage fellow citizens to vote or to help them get started in the process by assisting them in the voter registration process, we invite you to become a volunteer deputy registrar in service to our county residents,” said Bob Reeves, Kerr County’s voter registrar and tax assessor-collector.

Volunteer deputy registrars, also referred to as “VDRs,” are helpful to the local elections department, he explained, because, in addition to other duties, they also assist with the handing out and receiving of voter registration cards, making sure the cards are filled out correctly and then submitting those registrations to the Kerr County Elections Office in a timely manner.

“We are very grateful for all those who have served as Kerr County VDRs in the past,” Reeves said, but noted that those individuals’ certifications expired at the end of last year. “In order to hold their certification as a current VDR, they will need to complete the mandatory training,” he said.

Those who have served in the past and want to help again are asked to bring their certificates and supplies with them to their certification exam. New items will be issued to them for the upcoming term. Likewise, former VDRs who are bowing out of service this time are asked to return their supplies to the main office, the Kerr County Elections Division, Suite 124, at 700 Main Street in Kerrville, Texas.

Training, Certification

To do the training, pick up a packet from the Kerr County Elections Office in Suite 124 on the first floor of the Kerr County Courthouse, 700 Main St. in Kerrville.

After reviewing the materials, VDR candidates should then choose their exam date. Certification tests are administered at 5:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month in the courthouse elections office. Each test session is limited to 10 people.

Volunteer deputy registrar candidates can reserve their spots by calling 792-2242 to sign up for the exam on the Friday before their chosen Wednesday test date.

For more information or questions, contact Kerr County Chief Deputy/Election Coordinator Nadene Alford by emailing

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