Addicott to address Preppers on terrorism

The Hill Country Preppers will once again host Professor Jeff Addicott on the subject of Terrorism.

The Hill Country Preppers will once again host Professor Jeff Addicott on the subject of Terrorism.

Lt. Colonel (U.S. Army, ret.) Jeffrey F. Addicott is a full Professor of Law and the Director of the Warrior Defense Project at St. Mary’s University School of Law.

An active duty Army officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps for 20 years, Professor Addicott spent a quarter of his career as the senior legal advisor to the United States Army’s Special Forces.

As an internationally-recognized authority on national security and terrorism law, Addicott not only lectures and participates in professional and academic organizations both in the United States and abroad, but he also testifies before Congress on a variety of legal issues.

The Warrior Defense Project is an educational and working institution, which operates hand-in-hand with government, business and academia on a variety of legal matters associated with providing free legal assistance to service members who have been wrongfully accused of misconduct during their official duties.

The Hill Country Preppers will meet at Buzzie’s BBQ on Feb. 20 at 6 p.m. Overflow parking will be at the bus terminal.

Addicott will have copies of his new book: “Trump Judges - Protecting America’s Establishment Pillars to ‘Make America Great Again’.” Proceeds from the book go to the Warrior Defense Project.

The Hill Country Preppers have been providing Emergency Preparedness education to the Hill Country and beyond, meeting every month for almost eight years and lecturing to dozens of groups around Texas.

Preparedness does not focus on the big events that disrupt the lives of thousands every year. Preparedness is about being ready for the emergencies and personal disasters that affect millions of people every single day. A car accident, heart attack, house fire, active shooter or terrorist attack can change your world in an instant. Learn how to anticipate and plan for life’s unpleasant surprises.

For more information, contact Steve Lehman at 739-5990 or email

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