Schreiner University has named qualified students to its President's and Dean's List. To be eligible for the President's List, full-time students must earn at least a 4.0 grade point average for the term, passing all classes, and have at least 12 hours credit for the term.  To qualify for the Dean's List, a full-time student must have passing grades in all courses and, must earn at least a 3.50 grade point average and at least 12 hours credit for the term.

The following local students were named to the roster of high-achieving students for the 2020 fall term:

Center Point

• Maria Martinez, President's List;

• Jacqueline Sneed, Dean's List;

• Kristina Tuschak, Dean's List;

• Jessica Velasco, Dean's List;

• Nadja Werner, President's List.


• Keene Cabahug, President's List;

• Avery Crider, Dean's List;

• McKenna Hall, President's List;

• Jalyn Otterman, Dean's List;

• Keely Oyadomari, Dean's List;

• Jacob Patterson, Dean's List;

• Brandi Yarbrough, President's List.


• Kamryn Ash, Dean's List;

• Kaitlyn Boerner, President's List;

• Brooke Byer, Dean's List;

• Emily Cardenas, Dean's List;

• Charles Deemer, Dean's List;

• Andrew Deleon, Dean's List;

• Alysia Dennett, President's List;

• Grant Ehlinger, Dean's List;

• Kaysi Garrett, President's List;

• Brittany Geer, President's List;

• Sebastian Gonzalez, President's List;

• Beth Ham, Dean's List;

• Roy Henry, Dean's List;

• Josline Hernandez, Dean's List;

• Julie Huffman, President's List;

• Carlee Igau, Dean's List;

• Benjamin Kasberg, Dean's List;

• Adalee Kovar, Dean's List;

• Alexander Lesley, President's List;

• Wren Lovett, President's List;

• Daniel May, Dean's List;

• Greyson McMurray, President's List;

• Caeden Moody, President's List;

• Macaleigh Moody, Dean's List;

• Cathylee Nair, Dean's List;

• Matthew Nelson, Dean's List;

• Esequiel Ortiz, Dean's List;

• Penelope Raymond, Dean's List;

• Cole Reed, Dean's List;

• Karen Robinson, President's List;

• Justin Rodriguez, President's List;

• Mikaela Rodriguez, Dean's List;

• Trevor Sanders, Dean's List;

• Sarah Shodrock, President's List;

• Andrew Soule, President's List;

• Christine Stevens, Dean's List;

• Trevor Stewart, President's List;

• Ryan Ticknor, Dean's List;

• Alyssa Viera, Dean's List;

• Lane Willis, Dean's List;

• Connor Wingard, President's List;

• James Yarbro, Dean's List.

Mountain Home

 • Tess Brown, Dean's List;

 • Jenna Ziemelis, Dean's List.

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