The City of Kerrville  announced that positions are available for appointment to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. Board members serve two-year terms expected to begin in April.

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board meets quarterly or as called, usually in the mornings. The meetings last approximately an hour and a half, and interested parties must be able to fulfill the meeting commitment.

A majority of the board must be residents of the City of Kerrville, and all shall be residents of Kerr County. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board shall constitute an advisory board to the City Council, shall receive updates from staff, provide input, as appropriate, on projects and master plans regarding park improvement projects, and be active and assist with department programming and special events.

Board members shall include those interested in parks and recreation and those knowledgeable in such matters, including parks, aquatics, golf, tennis, sports facilities, trees and landscaping, marketing, fundraising, and special events.

Members shall also advise the City Council in all matters regarding the development, improvement, equipment, programming, and maintenance of the land and facilities managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. Additionally, the board shall promote cooperation between the city and its citizens, institutions, and agencies interested in recreational activities in order to secure the greatest public welfare.

Finally, board members are expected to (1) attend meetings, (2) advocate for the Parks and Recreation Department, (3) assist with the marketing of Parks and Recreation events, sports leagues, and the usage of the city’s parks and facilities, (4) assist in planning and volunteering for events and programs, and (5) assist the Parks and Recreation Department with recruiting volunteers.

Interested parties may fill out an application for consideration for appointment to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. The application can be found on the city website at

It can be filled out and submitted online, or printed and turned in to the city secretary’s office at City Hall. The deadline to submit the application is March 5, 2021 at 5 p.m.

For more information, contact Ashlea Boyle, Parks and Recreation director, at (830) 258-1153, or visit the city’s website at

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