The Federal Emergency Management Agency has extended the deadline that it will accept winter storm damage reports yet again – this time to June 20.

“For Kerr County, this means we have the good fortune of having that additional time to get in complete surveys from anyone who suffered property damages, but has not done the survey yet,” said Kerr County Emergency Management Coordinator William B. “Dub” Thomas.

“We’ve been asking that all property owners complete the survey – no matter how big or small they consider their damages to be from that extreme weather event we endured back in February,” Thomas said. “It’s called the iSTAT survey. The more people who fill it out, then the more complete the picture the folks at the Texas Department of Emergency Management and at FEMA will have regarding the scope of damages we suffered here in our part of the state.”

“It is extremely important that all damages be reported using the iSTAT survey, so that FEMA will have the data to determine if Kerr County qualifies for the Individual Assistance designation,” Thomas said. “It is extremely important. Even if you have already repaired any damages you had, please still fill out the report.”

While the county filled out its “pSTAT” surveys and submitted them to FEMA already, the “iSTAT” surveys to be filled out by individual property owners are still open and located online at:

FEMA criteria for determining a county as eligible for Individual Assistance are that there were at least five homes destroyed or that suffered major damage from the storm, the damaged/destroyed residences have no insurance coverage or are underinsured and that photos supporting those major damage claims have been provided.

Thomas added that those reporting damages should be sure to include photos of the destruction – no matter if it seems insignificant or extensive. (Those with extensive damage or total loss who previously filled out the survey but did not include any photos are being asked to do the survey again and this time include the necessary photographic evidence.)

“It takes just a few minutes to do the survey and, in the end, it could mean a huge, positive difference for some of our county’s residents who would otherwise have a tough and much longer time recovering from the storm, if they can recover at all,” Thomas said.

Anyone with further questions may reach out to Thomas directly at 315-2430 during regular business hours.

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