With City Councilman Gary Cochrane serving in the last meeting of his term, and Mayor Bill Blackburn absent, the four city council members considered traffic and utility improvements; and approved rezoning area properties and leasing for purchase rather than buying two new police vehicles.

Traffic improvements

Council considered a “professional services agreement” with Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc., for the State Highway 16 “Pedestrian  & Traffic Improvements” on a detailed application submittal project in the amount of $35,435.

The goal is to promote a walkable, usable, uniform and pedestrian-oriented public space linking downtown to the surrounding neighborhoods through streetscape elements, access, connections and crossings, to quote the Kerrville 2050 Plan.

This action item is to improve the main Sidney Baker bridge to make the crossing more pedestrian-friendly.

This is a result of a Texas Department of Transportation “call for projects” on anything not vehicle-related, according to the agenda. Council information said the Kerrville application to TxDOT asked for $10.5 million and was among 190 preliminary applications that asked for a total of about $230 million.

Kimley-Horn assessed possible improvements on the bridge and along Spur 98 (Thompson Drive), to submit Kerrville’s application. City staff said this was expected to include narrowing the vehicle lanes on the bridge to add space for better sidewalks.

Kerrville’s preliminary application was approved, and includes improvements to fill sidewalk gaps, correct existing deficiencies, and install curb ramps from Lehmann Drive to Water Street. Other improvements were requested to include traffic signal improvements to accommodate pedestrians at other locations.

City staff said other projects are expected to include “Safe Routes to School” items already analyzed.

City Manager Mark McDaniel was authorized to finalize and execute the professional services agreement with Kimley-Horn and Associates.

Utility improvements

Council also considered and approved a professional services agreement with 6S Engineering, Inc., for the Westminster Street “Utility Improvements and Reconstruction Project” in the amount of $108,740. This was preceded by a 2019 update to the Pavement Master Plan which reassessed current street conditions and maintenance needs.

The 6S team analyzed deterioration estimates and degradation of street segments; then combined multiple street segments to minimize construction costs and re-evaluate prioritizing the streets. Kyle Burow from the city staff said this would involve 2,500 feet of street surface after water and sewer line replacement, as these street segments include mostly old cast iron pipes.

E.A. Hoppe, deputy city manager, told council not every block of each street is involved; that engineering would take three to four months, then another eight or nine months of possible construction.

Ordinance, rezoned properties

Council passed on second reading an ordinance that changes the zoning and classification of property at 327 Peterson Farm Rd. of about 3 acres, from a single-family residential zoning district to a “Residential Mix Zoning District.”

The agenda item said this is considered a “strategic catalyst 11” near the Kerrville-Kerr County Airport; and this area has always been a residential area, so this doesn’t change the existing use of the property. What will change is that the owner wants to add a manufactured home as a second home for family use. A future plat will be required for the subdivision of the lot into multiple lots to accommodate the second home.

Council also approved rezoning property at 716 Barnett St. from RT to C1 (Neighborhood Commercial) to allow a commercial kitchen to be installed to support a catering business.

Leased police vehicles

Council approved without discussion an item under the Consent Agenda on the lease-purchase of two police vehicles through the Fleet Management Services with Enterprise Fleet Management for an amount not to exceed $78,000.

The agenda item said the lease-purchase will leverage the city’s Master Lease Agreement for three years at $1,071.12 per month per vehicle; and this agreement will allow the KPD to replace two patrol vehicles that are now inoperable. The funding for this is already part of the FY21 city budget.

Interlocal agreement,

school resource officers

As part of the Consent Agenda, council members approved an interlocal agreement with Kerrville Independent School District for the provision of school resource officers. The agenda said officers are provided at Tivy High School and Hal Peterson Middle School; and the 2009 agreement has been revised to have the contract term match the Kerrville ISD school and fiscal year calendars, and the city’s fiscal year.

Also provisions were made related to staffing vacancies, and information on salary and benefit costs more in advance of the service.


Council and the public were reminded about the May 1 Voting Day for the City Council election; about the upcoming Mother and Son event on May 15; followed by the Daddy and Daughter Dance on June 5.

Eychner told them about the last Mustard Seed Ministry Food Distribution the Monday before. She also announced Thursday 5 p.m. tours at the Doyle Center undergoing renovation; and that the Food Relief Fund has to date distributed more than $100,000 from community donations to those in need.  

Mayor Bill Blackburn was absent from this meeting and Mayor Pro Tem Kim Clarkson chaired the meeting.

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