Irion honored at SAR chapter meeting

Chapter President Robert Smith, left, presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Registrar Gerald Irion.

The Hill Country Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution, opened their January meeting with the presentation of a Flag Certificate to Kerrville VA Representative Lance Maley for the proper display of the American Flag at the Kerrville VA Hospital.

Rep. Maley thanked the chapter and noted the various persons that are responsible for the daily and seasonal displays.

Following the award, Compatriot Kevin Pickard presented a thumbnail sketch of his Patriot ancestor James Burton Sr. vice Rev. Bernis Brown. Pickard also listed six other patriot ancestors for himself.

The speaker was Chapter Registrar Gerald Irion. The registrar is responsible for assisting prospective members in completing paperwork for application to the State society and checking their lineage.

Irion has many years of geneology research and warned the members of the pitfalls to include spelling of names, reversing of first and last names and like names from the same area.

The Sons of the American Revolution is made up of men who can trace their ancestry back to involvement in the Revolutionary War. The next meeting will be February 11 in the Events Hall of Rails restaurant at 11:30.

Prospective members are encouraged to attend and bring information on their parents and grandparents concerning birth, death and date of marriage. For further information contact Gerald Irion at (469) 585-0959 or W.J.Scott at 792-4842.

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