To the editor:

The last two years have been some of the most successful years in congressional history. We've had countless legislative victories, we've fended off slanderous attacks from the far left, campaign promises have been kept, our military is making us safer, jobs are on the rise, unemployment is at new lows for all Americans, the economy is booming, and the trust rebuilding is off to a good start with not only Americans, but internationally.

Conservative leadership is taking our country to unprecedented new heights. Extreme liberal dims (democrats) want to take all that away by taking back control of Congress and reverse every major accomplishment that’s been achie-ved.

As we approach Election Day, Dimm (democrats) antagonists of law and order are doubling down on their efforts to turn Texas blue and advance their open borders agenda. The next few days will be critical in this fight for Texas and America, and we must show we’re ready to defend the Rule of Law and stop extreme lawless liberals from dismantling Texas’ sanctuary cities ban. Get out and vote, and offer a ride to those who are unable to drive.

Early Voting began on Oct. 22, and we Republicans must stay strong in the final stretch of this fight. Every conservative Texan needs to get on board and show they’re ready to defend our state, our seats in both houses of congress, and our American way of life.

The so-called "blue wave" of Democrats believe that big government and open borders are good and individual freedom is bad. We cannot let them win.

Now IS NOT the time to slow down. It's time to give it everything we've got to prevent the dims and their "resistance operatives” from using their bully tactics to retake the majority and silence our conservative voices.

You and I are in the midst of a huge battle for the future of our state and country. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment! as we continue to fight for the future of Texas and America. Your partnership in this fight is essential. I know we can count on you to help us in this battle for America’s future.

We need volunteers to work the polls during both early voting and on election day. Please contact me providing your desired days to work and the hours you are available.

– Jack Pratt


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