To the editor:

God has blessed our community with Kerr Konnect and its volunteer drivers for us senior citizens who are very much in need of transportation to and from medical appointments and other important places. Each of you volunteer drivers is very special and very much appreciated.

This month, September, I will have been riding with Kerr Konnect for three years. Over these past three years, I have ridden with many different drivers. They have very interesting stories to tell, and I’ve heard many of them … too many to mention here.

I remember my first ride was with a delightful lady. She patiently waited in the dental office for me. When we left, it was raining, and she quickly covered me with her umbrella.

There is a very nice, polite gentleman driver who lives on a ranch. He told me that he and his wife saw, not far from their house, a cow and a new little albino baby calf.

What a dedicated volunteer to come all the way from the ranch to drive me to the doctor.

A few weeks ago, I was picked up by a very attractive lady driver who had just returned from a grape winery near Turtle Creek. She told me she was allowed to pick grapes, which she did. She apologized and she probably had grape juice all over her. Together we laughed.

Then there is this pretty little lady volunteer driver with the biggest heart. She loves to give and do for those in need. She always has a smile and such joyful laughter. If I’m not feeling well when she picks me up, she has me laughing by the time we reach our destination.

Please become a Kerr Konnect volunteer driver. You are much needed. You can choose your own hours, and who you would like to transport.

God always rewards all who help others in need.

­ – Loretta Treadwell


Kerr Konnect member

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