To the editor:

Dear Trump Fans,

What’s it going to take before you’ve had enough?

Locking kids in cages didn’t move you.

Impeachment didn’t move you.

His blatant corruption, racism and constant lying hasn’t moved you.

Pardons of his associate and a war criminal didn’t move you.

Putin’s bounty on our soldiers didn’t move you.

His total bungling of the CIVID-19 pandemic response, costing 145,000 American lives, and counting, hasn’t seemed to move you.

His unwillingness to prioritize adequate testing on a national scale to contain the virus doesn’t move you.

State leadership of the pandemic response has been woefully inadequate and our Lt. Governor thinks we should die for the economy.

Now we have anonymous federal agents, and possibly mercenaries, invading American cities, against the wishes of local governments, tear-gassing Portland Moms and abducting people off the streets, calling it “proactively arresting individuals.”

These are the brownshirts, the jack-booted thugs, the stormtroopers of the Trump/Barr regime. 

He’s violating our constitutional rights and every Red Blooded American should be up in arms regardless of party.

Isn’t that the kind of government overreach you 2nd Amendment folks are arming up against? 

Where is your voice of outrage? Or is it okay because they’re going after “those people.” Who will be next to draw his ire?

My father fought in the Pacific against Japanese Imperialism.

My father-in-law helped chase Rommel out of North Africa and fought against fascism in Italy.

My stepbrother’s father died from wounds received on D-day at Normandy fighting Nazis.

My stepbrother and I are both Vietnam era veterans.

We each fought to secure all our rights under the constitution, those rights are being trampled right before our eyes.

These are the actions of a tyrant not a president. 

Compliant Senate Republicans and his Cabinet are unwilling to even criticize, much less take any action to rein him in.

Our only hope is to vote him and his sycophants out of office in November.

Will he try to sabotage the upcoming election?

Will he leave office when he loses?

Why are we even having to ask these questions!

– Richard Coleman


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