To the editor:

The League of Women Voters of the Hill Country Texas urges all registered voters to make a plan on how to vote in the Primary Runoff Election on Tuesday, July 14.

Information on when to vote and where to vote is available on the Kerr County Election Department website and on the LWV-HCTX website.

Voting by mail is available by application through Thursday, July 2. The link to the application is posted on the Kerr County Election Department website. A voter can print the application, complete the application, and then it must be mailed to the Kerr County Tax Assessor-Collector at 700 Main St. in Kerrville.

Four options are available to qualify to vote by mail (VBM): 65 year of age or older; disability; expected absence from the county; or confinement in jail.

A registered voter needs to check one of the four boxes on the application to qualify. The application also requires that the voter mark which political party ballot they want for the Primary Runoff Election.

When the county election department receives an application, a check is made to verify that the applicant is registered to vote in Kerr County, and then a ballot is mailed to the applicant.

The Texas Election Code (Section 82.002) defines disability: "A qualified voter is eligible for early voting by mail if the voter has a sickness or physical condition that prevents the voter from appearing at the polling place on election day without a likelihood of needing personal assistance or of injuring the voter's health."

Early Voting began on Monday, June 29, in Kerr County.

An important note: Two new locations in the county are available for in-person voting: Hill Country Youth Event Center on Highway 27 East and Ingram Independent School District business office in Ingram. There is no early voting at the old locations in Kerrville and Ingram.

Go to the Kerr County Election Department website ( or the League of Women Voters - Hill Country Texas website by visiting for dates and times to vote early. Curbside voting is available at both locations.

The Texas Secretary of State issued a recommendation called Health Protocols for Voters with a checklist. A registered voter, voting in person, can access this document at

Check the League of Women Voters website for information on the candidates in the Primary Runoff Elections of both political parties: Enter the address on the voter registration card and then choose a political party. The site features League questions for each race on the ballot and the candidate answers.

League of Women Voters of the Hill Country Texas has 40 years of work focused on registering citizens to vote, educating citizens on candidates and issues, and encouraging citizens to vote.

The League is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization and does not endorse or oppose candidates for elected office. Visit the League website: for more information or contact

– Kathleen Walker


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