To the editor:

Last week, I attended our Chamber of Commerce’s annual Hill Country Economic Summit where we heard, among other things, the City Manager’s State of the City report, reports from the new Chamber President and Peterson’s CEO, and a presentation from our Economic Development personnel about all of the work they are doing and the exciting things happening in our area.  The keynote speaker was Dr. Ray Perryman, a nationally-known economist, who reported on the economic outlook for Texas and more particularly, Kerrville and Kerr County.  As a candidate for City Council with zero business experience and no higher education under his belt, I would have expected that Roman Garcia would have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity to educate himself about our community and interact with the scores of area business leaders who attended the conference.  I saw candidate Summerlin there, of course, as were the Mayor and 3 of the 4 current City Council members (Clarkson, Eychner, and Hughes). Many City staff members attended as well.   What a wonderful opportunity for Mr. Garcia to meet and interact with those over whom he wants to govern; but Mr. Garcia was nowhere to be found.  Giving him the benefit  of the doubt and thinking that “something may have come up,” I checked the registrant list and his name was not there.  Plainly, Mr. Garcia’s absence should give a thoughtful voter serious pause about his commitment to this community and the City Council position he seeks to obtain.

– Kristan Weaver


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