To the editor:

I realize that this will be published after early voting has ended and with only one day left to vote, but it may keep some people from betraying the values they claim to support.

As one of the real Republicans in the ad supporting Roman Garcia for City council, I challenge any Republican opposed to Republicans supporting Garcia to call me or John Elliot and explain to us why you would want a radical Democrat on the city council, rather than a conservative Republican.

Is Tammy Prout aware that Mary Ellen Summerlin was endorsed by the Kerr County Democrats as “one of their own?”

The non-partisan bush that Democrats like to hide behind only masks their intent to destroy America at the local level the same way they have poisoned this country at the State and Federal level.

I find it interesting that Democrats claim to be “attacked” any time someone exposes the truth about them. I repeat Mr. Morgan’s challenge to Summerlin last week. What part of the so-called attack ad was untrue?

It’s no wonder Summerlin wants to sidestep any discussion of values. Her values, as a Democrat, are not the values of a majority of Kerrville. True conservatives do not want Summerlin promoting her Democrat values in City Council decisions. Any Republican who supports Summerlin should stop pretending and just announce that you do not care about conservative values. We are tired of you poisoning the Republican Party, and we now know who you are.

– Stephen Lehman


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gene shelton

GENE here: real republican. how quaint.

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