Kerrville Greatness:

Well election day is here and we are all glad to have this election over. Kerrville Residents have turned out in record numbers so kudos to all of those that voted. Kerrville is a Kind and Caring city totally engaged in making this a Great City to live in. Our Current City Council has done an outstanding job of advocating for all Kerrville Residents in moving forward in a responsible way but this is not an endorsement for them. As the Husband (A very proud Husband) I have had a front row seat for almost 2 and 1/2 years of watching Delayne Sigerman work so hard for this City while also advocating for the Homeless, working with the Food Bank to make sure people in our area have food and essentials during this time of need, working in the Doyle Community to see it get help, and doing interviews with Kerrville Business Owners and Community Leaders as well as Chief Dannie Smith of the Kerrville Fire Dept. and Chief David Knight of the Kerrville Police Dept. to do what needs to be done during this Pandemic. Every decision she has made has been in the best interest of the Kerrville Community. While all may not agree, she has put her personal feelings aside to do what is best for Kerrville. Win or lose this election, she has campaigned with Honesty and Integrity with respect for her opponent. I could not be more proud of her and feel so lucky to be known in Kerrville as Delayne Sigerman’s Husband.

– Mike Sigerman


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