To the editor:

I watched in disgust and horror as the FBI swarmed the home of Roger Stone at 6 a.m. on a Friday morning, where he lives with his wife who is deaf.

Twenty-nine agents with guns drawn banged on his door. Mr. Stone has been charged with several process crimes (white collar crimes); he had been cooperating with the FBI and had an attorney.

In cases such as this the FBI usually contacts the attorney of the subject and asks them to surrender at a specific place and time to be charged and post bond.

In the case of Republicans, these procedures are not followed. This was the case with Paul Manafort as well, a pre-dawn raid with guns drawn for a man who had an attorney.

Mr. Stone was charged with obstruction of justice, making false statements to Congress and witness tampering. If Mr. Stone was treated this way with a predawn raid, how are serious criminals treated? The Unabomber was arrested by 2 FBI agents and a park ranger. Why does it now take 29 FBI agents to arrest a 66-year-old unarmed man?

Over the course of the last several years Hillary Clinton has destroyed evidence (emails that she had been told to preserve), lied to Congress (she didn’t know what the markings were for confidential documents), and obstructed justice by destroying evidence.

Her home was not raided in the predawn hours (which might have been helpful as the emails were stored on a server in her basement), and no charges have ever been filed against her or any of her staff. In fact, her staff was given immunity and allowed to destroy their laptops at the behest of the FBI.

Several other well-known Democrats have also lied to Congress and committed other federal crimes such as leaking confidential information to the press. These include John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Eric Holder, James Baker, Andrew McCabe and John Koskinen, among others.

None of these people have been charged with a crime and none have experienced predawn raids. Any other American would not have received this privileged treatment.

The DOJ and the FBI are not the only agencies who have used their power to intimidate Republicans. Several tea party groups were targeted by the IRS.

The IRS used their authority to continuously require unnecessary information resulting in the delay in approval of 501.c.3 applications for conservative groups.

Catherine Engelbrecht with True the Vote was not only targeted by the IRS, but several other agencies were sent to “monitor” her family businesses.

For expressing opinions in conflict with the ruling Democrats her life was upended. This targeting often leads to loss of income and families left in financial ruin. This could happen to any of us, but according to our Constitution it is not supposed to.

We have a Republican in the White House and a Republican Senate. The FBI and DOJ are out of control and nothing is being done about it.

Our country was founded on the principles of equal justice under the law. The 14th Amendment guarantees all of us the “equal protection of the laws.”

As things stand today, we are all subject to the whims of the FBI and DOJ, particularly if we express opinions or ideas which are in contrast to those in power. These agencies must be cleaned up.

Many people have been fired from the DOJ and the FBI but none have been charged with any crime, nor have had their houses raided, despite the fact that they are known to have committed crimes. The abusive activities continue, so apparently the changes have not gone far enough. We need action NOW from Congress and President Trump! Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent, we all should be concerned about this threat to our civil liberties.

– Sally Thiel


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