To the editor:

I was watching the Chamber’s forum for the City Council candidates Thursday evening and the first thing Mary Ellen Summerlin did was to confront Roman Garcia, her opponent, for an attack ad placed in this paper by his supporters and she wanted him to disavow the ad.

He did not do that. Her comments raised an obvious question we all would like to know the answer to. I wonder if Mrs. Summerlin would clarify to us what part of the ad was not true.

We all know she was responsible for bringing Beto O’Rourke to town for a rally for him. Essentially that was the essence of the ad. We all know he is a liberal Democrat. What part of the ad was not to your liking, Mrs. Summerlin?

I hope the conservative majority in Kerrville is aware of her position. If not, the city position she is running for is non-partisan, but her past work in the Democrat Party is a matter of record.

– William Morgan


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