To the editor:

Mr. Coleman’s letter last week was full of misconceptions and incorrect assumptions.

It is clear from their writings that the founders were religious men, valued religious tenets and precepts and wrote the First Amendment to protect religion from government, not the other way around. Jefferson’s “separation of church and state” was referencing the First Amendment protections of religious expression from government interference. That would include shutting churches because of a pandemic, if anyone cares. Public health does not supersede the Constitution.

What Pat Long was referring to was the secular left’s war on Christianity. Our treatment of the Indians and slaves has nothing to do with that. The Democrat KKK was created during Reconstruction, after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and the Republicans’ vote to make them citizens. The KKK targeted citizens, not slaves.

Prohibiting school districts from teaching religion in schools is unconstitutional. Many districts prohibit the teaching of Christianity but indoctrinate young minds about Islam. If a district wants to teach Christianity, but not Islam, or visa versa, it is a community decision, not the State’s and absolutely not the Federal Government’s.

The “ravaging pandemic” has killed .0013 percent of the U.S. population over the last 13 months, if you believe the inflated numbers. My father, 93 years old, died with COVID, but not because of it, but it was still listed as a cause of death. He is only one of many. The survival rate, once infected, is better than 99 percent. This is no reason to shutter businesses or cripple the economy.

As for sensitivity to public safety, no one is batting an eye at an average 30,000 deaths from the flu every year or the annual death rate of 30,000 from auto accidents or the 250,000 people that die from medical errors every year.

– Stephen Lehman


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