To the editor:

I am outraged about a decision to allow fireworks for May 5. I only found out accidentally and I wonder how many people in the county don't know. Do they realize we have to worry about our livestock, our pets and our property, or that no one has ever followed weather guidelines out here?

Are they aware some livestock can die from stress, goats among them, which I have. How about the threat of fire, we have had high winds for two months now and minimal if any rain. This is a common-sense issue, get ready for missing pets, full shelters and even some deaths. They had no right to make such a unilateral decision without a public forum.

I have not found one person in agreement with this, to actually purposely make another night possible of anxiety, destruction of property and loss of pets is mind-numbing to say the least.

I will send you pictures of the animal shelter before and after this event if that's what it takes. This is totally irresponsible to put county residents at risk for no valid reason whatsoever.

– Sharon Paladino


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