Home and business owners have many choices when it comes to holiday decorating – ranging from tried and true traditional to trendy and even off-beat.

Tammy Sheffield of Christmas Decor of The Hill Country, a franchise member of Christmas Decor, the premier holiday lighting and decorating company in North America, says that whatever decorating scheme you prefer the most important idea to keep in mind is cohesiveness.

"Each component of your outdoor decorating contributes to the overall effect of the holiday display," says Sheffield. "As you shop for outdoor décor, always consider how each new piece is going to work with what you already own."

Sheffield offers some suggestions to help refresh any outdoor display:

1. Over-sized pieces like three-dimensional snowflakes, stars, or deer figures create a focal point and can add impact and interest to your yard display.

2. Use colored bulbs in one or two places – a roofline or a single, showpiece tree or shrub, for example - to create subtle depth in your traditional cool white light display.

3. Get creative and personalize your display with natural materials like pinecones, holly branches, twigs, and other items with bark-like textures.

"The reality is that it takes time, resources, and knowledge to create outdoor holiday displays with eye-catching lighting color schemes, effects, and accessories," says Sheffield. "Our trained specialists have access to exclusive, professional-grade lighting accents and décor options not available to the everyday consumer, making it possible for them to create a dazzling outdoor holiday display that reflects both the latest trends and your personal style, while respecting your budget."

The Christmas Decor Franchise Network provides a full-service holiday outdoor decorating solution; planning, installing, maintaining, removing, storing, and replacing holiday decorations each year.

Clients discover that the cost of these services is offset by the time they save in not having to plan and purchase decorations each year, move decorations into and out of storage, untangle light strings and check them for damage, install and take down decorations, and maintain decorations throughout the holiday season. Members of the Christmas Decor Franchise Network now decorate more than 40,000 homes and businesses nationwide each holiday season, and the demand for professional holiday decorating services continues to grow. With the optimum window for holiday display installations beginning in October and wrapping up in early December, it is important for interested property owners to schedule their decorating date now, before schedules are full.

The Christmas Decor Franchise Network has been decorating homes and businesses since 1986. Operating in more than 350 markets in 49 states and Canada, the Christmas Decor Franchise Network focuses primarily on exterior decorating services, offering customized lighting displays, garlands, wreaths, and bows. For more information on having Christmas Decor decorate your home or business, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation or installation, please contact Tammy Sheffield of Christmas Decor of The Hill Country in Kerrville at 896-2976 or thechristmasdecor@yahoo.com. You can also learn more at www.christmasdecor. net.

About Christmas Decor

Since its inception in 1986, Christmas Decor has risen to become the premier holiday lighting and decorating company in North America, servicing more than 40,000 properties. The Texas-based company was founded by Blake Smith as an off-season supplement to his landscape business and as a method to provide year-round work for employees. Christmas Decor quickly emerged as a viable business opportunity, and today operates in more than 350 markets in 49 states and Canada. Plans are underway to open locations in more than 100 new markets through franchise expansion in select communities around the country. Christmas Decor is highly revered in its field and has received consistent recognition for its efforts; some highlights include having been named one of a Top Ten Home Improvement Franchises for 2008 by Entrepreneur Magazine and AOL Small Business. Christmas Decor’s parent company, The Decor Group, also offers the Nite Time Decor, which offers a complete line of high-quality low-voltage landscape lighting products, training, business systems, and support.

For more information, visit www.christmasdecor.net.

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