Dietert News – September 23, 2020

Brenda Thompson is the executive director for Dietert Center.

What a great week we are having at the Dietert Center.

Community support for our March for Meals celebration started with a proclamation of support from the Kerr County Commissioner’s Court, a proclamation from the Kerrville City Council, and special guests joining us for Meals on Wheels ride-alongs to help us celebrate our “Community Champions” week. We so appreciate the support of our city and county leaders as we strive to assure that no homebound senior in Kerr County is hungry. This week we are also providing special breakfast treats for our volunteer drivers who deliver more than 5,500 meals monthly. I’ll tell you more about the ride a-longs next week, so stay tuned.

We want to let you know that the Dietert Center is staying in touch with City, County and State Health agencies to assure we are current with information about COVID-19 concerns. We have pulled out every bottle of hand sanitizer and placed them all over the building and have posted flyers all around as well to remind everyone to wash, wash and wash your hands again and again. I learned at Commissioners Court on Monday that everyone is supposed to be using the specific name of COVID-19 for this virus instead of the other more common name of Coronavirus. I was a little confused about the two names being used in the news and social media but now it makes sense. All in all, please be vigilant in washing your hands and keeping your hands off of your face. As with any illness, if you are showing signs of fever and cough, please stay home to recover and take a break from the center if need be. But give us a call and let us know how you are doing.

We will continue to monitor the resources we have and will update you at the center or on our Facebook page if the need arises. Stay healthy, my friends.

Club Ed classes are in full swing so don’t miss out on “Elder Law & Medicaid for Long Term Care” on March 12, “Do You Know Your Food Palate” on March 13, “Texas License to Carry” on March 14, “Medicare – What it’s all About” on March 19, and “Instant Guitar” or “Instant Piano” for the “Hopelessly Busy” on March 20.

Dynamic Learning Institute has some great sessions this month including “Free Burma Rangers” on March 17, “Write & Publish Your Book for Free” on March 19, “Max Greiner – The Back Story” on March 26 and DLI rounds out the Spring Semester with “Hemingway’s Cuba” on April 2.

Reserve your spot for the next Dementia Awareness Series beginning April 16 with “The Basics of Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Related Dementias” and the second class on April 30 about the “Changes Affecting Memory, Communication and Cognition.” Both of these classes are free and a gift to our community from the Dietert Center Dementia Care Advocate program. If you or someone you love is experiencing the stages of cognitive decline, please come learn about how to prepare and travel down this journey of life. Education is essential.

Register for Club Ed and DLI classes online at dietert,, give us a call at 792-4044, or stop in to register and while you are here, have lunch with us.

The travel department has some great day trips planned including a visit to the City of Castroville and a tour of the Steinbach House built in the 1600s or load the bus to the Johnson City Science Museum with a stop on the way back at the Wildflower Farm on June 10. Space is limited, so reserve your spot soon. Or, how about a trip to New Orleans May 18-23. Give Dorothy and her travel volunteers a call or stop by to find out more.

The Friendship Cafe is serving:

• Wednesday, March 11 – Turkey Tetrazzini;

• Thursday, March 12 – BBQ Chicken;

• Friday, March 13 – Tamales w/Chili;

• Monday, March 16 – Lemon Baked Tilapia;

• Tuesday, March 17 – Chicken Salad Pita;

• Wednesday, March 18 – Beef Taco Salad.

Remember anyone of any age can participate in the classes at the Center and dine with us Monday through Friday. Call 792-4044 if you have any questions or need additional information.

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