Super Bowl LIV wasn’t very exciting this year, but it was nice to feel that sports of some sort was back in session and the cardboard people cutouts helped make it feel that the stadium was full of spectators.  

I didn’t play sports in my young years, in fact, I still don’t play sports. I was a drill team kind of girl and would go back to high school again just to do that all over. It was so much fun. Just like those that played sports though, my knees and back show the wear and tear.

What is special now is seeing our first grandson venture out into the world of sports. Tyler, who is 8 years old, participated in tryouts for baseball for the very first time this past weekend. He has a natural talent and should have a great experience in team sports. I know his Paw Paw sure was beaming with pride while reliving his days of Andrew participating in those activities.

My girls as well dabbled in all the sports and played some in high school too. I remember feeling lost when it was all over. So many years of practices, games, late nights, early mornings, snack packs, team parties, and doctor visits.

My daughter Ashley had never played softball until her freshman year of high school. She decided to try it out and she had fun except for the 800-yard runs they had to do every day. She wanted to have the opportunity to slide into base so bad and had that chance in one game. Of course, it was the one game in the entire season that I was a little late getting there and I missed it.  All the moms told me all about it and Ashley came out of the dugout to show off her dirt covered backside. Her delight at accomplishing that goal shined through a smile as big as the softball field.  

I tell these stories to help us all think back to those days gone by. Whether it was us individually involved in activities, other family members, friends, or our children, we all know the feeling of being a part of something. With all the schools in a state of flux with COVID-19 concerns, our children and grandchildren are experiencing their childhood very different than ours.  

Along with our children and most importantly our seniors; especially those homebound, this sense of isolation and confusion is detrimental on their wellbeing. We hope to be back to some sort of normalcy soon.  In the meantime, reach out to your senior neighbors to make sure they feel loved.

If you have kids or grandchildren in some sort of activity, make sure to support them so they know their number one cheering section is there for them. I am sure we will be making the drive to Kyle often in the future to root for Tyler.

The Dietert Center staff are here every day to assist those in need as best that we can within safety guidelines. The building is closed for general public use, but please give us a call for any special needs you might have for Meals on Wheels, Friendship Café Drive Thru, Medical Equipment Lending, Personal Alert Link units, and our Call Reassurance program.  

If you or a senior you know of are homebound, aged 60-plus, and is in need of a hot meal, please give us a call at 896-8117 to review guidelines for the Meals on Wheels program.  Our amazing volunteers help us deliver the meals and best of all, they also offer a warm smile and social interaction that so many people need right now.  

Our drive-thru Friendship Café is open for lunch Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. If you are 60 years or older, stop by to pick up a meal. If you have paperwork already completed or wish to complete it for us, the meal is by donation. If you don’t have time to complete the paperwork, the meal is $8.  

The menu for the week is:

• Wednesday, Feb. 10  – Beef Tips and Mushrooms;

• Thursday, Feb. 11 – Salmon Croquette;

• Friday, 12 – Chopped Steak with Swiss Sauce;

• Monday, Feb. 15 – Scalloped Ham and Potatoes;

• Tuesday, Feb. 16 – Beef Marsala, and;

• Wednesday, Feb. 17 – Green Chili Pork.

Please give us a call at 792-4044 if you have any questions or need additional information about our programs and resources. 

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