Dietert News – September 16, 2020

Brenda Thompson is the executive director for Dietert Center.

Due to COVID-19, the Dietert Center will continue to be closed to the general public until further notice. We will still continue to service our Meals on Wheels clients, Personal Alert Link units, Call Reassurance, and our Medical Lending program. You might hear in the community that we are going to be closed until January and that is not true. We really want to get people back in our building and hear the sweet sounds of laughter, conversation and music.

Unfortunately, some classes and activities might take longer to get started because it’s hard to social distance and keep everyone safe. But, we are starting to roll out a few where we can assure health guidelines are being met.

But, we do have some good news. We are starting a Drive-Thru Friendship Café for seniors who are able to come pick up a hot lunch. We did a “soft” opening of the drive-thru last week and invited our regular congregate diners to come see us. It was so great to see them and I know they were smiling under their masks because I could see it in their eyes. We have been missing everyone.

So, now we are opening the Friendship Café Drive Thru up to other seniors in our community. You must be 60-plus years old to participate. If you currently have paperwork filled out, just come to the portico in the front of the building, stay in your car, and we will bring the meal to you. Dietert staff will be so happy to see you and you will be able to see their smile in their eyes because they will be masked to meet you. If you have not ever been to the center for lunch, or your paperwork has expired, there will be a short form for you to complete. If you complete the paperwork, the meal is free although a donation is always accepted. If you do not choose to complete the paperwork, the meal will be $8. The meal will include entrée, veggies, bread, milk and dessert. Come see us Monday through Friday 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., then cross your fingers and make a wish that we can open very soon so everyone can come in to dine with us.

I am so excited to share the upcoming menu with you, which I haven’t been able to do for the past several months.

The menu for the week:

• Wednesday, Aug. 26 - Herbed Baked Chicken;

• Thursday, Aug. 27 - Braised Swiss Patty;

• Friday, Aug. 28 – Scalloped Ham and Potatoes and my favorite – Okra and Tomatoes;

• Monday, Aug. 31 – Chicken Parmesan and Penne Pasta;

• Tuesday, Sept. 1 – Yankee Pot Roast w/Gravy.

My feeling of gratitude for this week is for our generous donors. During this pandemic, they have been so committed to assuring that our Kerr County seniors are loved and cared for. Individuals, foundations, corporations, families and others have helped us continue the wonderful programs that keep our seniors well fed, safe, and secure.

Whether it is providing funds to assist with extra food and supplies for Meals on Wheels, Medical Equipment Lending, the Handyman program that helps seniors with small tasks, or helping us make sure our PAL clients are monitored carefully, we couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you, Dietert Donors, for hanging in there during this troubled time and for putting others ahead of yourselves. We are so grateful for you.

One of our special volunteers celebrated her 92nd birthday this weekend. We all drove by her house to wish her well and gave lots of air hugs. Kermit Grace has the distinction of being our longest-serving volunteer up until her retirement last year. She delivered MOW for 28 years. Yes, I said that right, 28 years. Thank you, Kermit, for showing us what it means to give to others.

Our “Round to Remember” Golf Tournament on Sept. 12 at Riverhill Country Club is filling up, but we still have sponsorship and team opportunities available. This tournament benefits our Dementia Care Advocates program which provides much needed educational trainings and support groups for those experiencing cognitive changes, along with their loved ones and caregivers.

Call us at 792-4044 if you have any questions or need additional information.

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