Schreiner University: Where there is heart, there is hope

Marta Diffen is the Schreiner University Director of Development.

by Marta Diffen

Schreiner University Director of Development

Kerrville has heart. Always has, always will. I remember growing up here and attending Starkey Elementary, Peterson Jr. High (the classic old building on Tivy St.), Tivy High School when it was on Sidney Baker St. and ultimately, Schreiner College as a freshman during the 1981-1982 school year.

I remember Pampell’s soda fountain, playing foosball at the bowling alley, getting grilled cheese sandwiches from Rexall Drugs on Junction Hwy., seeing movies at the Arcadia and the drive-in, Friday night football games (Tivy Fight Never Dies), the Texas State Arts and Crafts Fair on the campus of Schreiner College and learning many life lessons while I was a camper at Kickapoo Kamp.

As I reflect on the Kerrville that was and the Kerrville that is now, the things I think most important that come from living here are having heart and hope. Heart is the desire and drive to build the community in which you want others to thrive. Hope is the beacon that sustains us in the darkest of times and gives us reason to be optimistic and joyful.

Some have said that Schreiner University is at the heart of the Kerrville community. It has been a steadfast fixture of learning, achievement, growth, service and life lessons for nearly 100 years. I believe it is better said that this community is at - and in - the heart of Schreiner University.

From the beginning, the Kerrville community and surrounding towns and counties have trusted Schreiner Institute, College and University with their young adults, their time, their talents and their donations.

Parents trust that their student will receive an education that prepares them for life, not only a career. Volunteers impart life lessons, career experiences, and, their hope. Individual donors, businesses, local service clubs and foundations provide financial support so that Schreiner students have a variety of opportunities and diverse experiences that equip them to think in terms of possibilities and to live life with integrity, character, confidence, commitment and hope.

You believe in Schreiner students and that their education matters; that their growth spiritually, physically, socially and intellectually are not distinct and separate paths, but rather, countless intersections and integrations. You believe that Schreiner’s faculty and administration are committed to actively providing personalized teaching, coaching and mentoring. You have faith that these students personify a better tomorrow by the opportunities we share with and present to them today. This is the heart that brings hope to the students who enroll at Schreiner. This is the heart that drives your University to do and be better. You have put your heart into Schreiner and in return, we put our hearts into our students, our community and the future of both.

Your volunteerism and financial contributions are why Schreiner students thrive. Contributions provide essential funds that expand and enhance student financial aid, co-curricular activities, internships, undergraduate research, faculty development and so much more. Did you ever think that your support would help Schreiner science students win internships at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Mary? It has! Did you know that your support provides personalized, one-on-one tutoring and learning support services for students with dyslexia? It certainly does.

Your donations are meaningful. They are investments in the life and learning of a student. If you want to change the world, it happens one student at a time. Your contributions empower that student to ask hard questions and seek diverse answers; embolden them to look and learn beyond themselves; challenge them to not only be inspired, but to also inspire; and encourage them to find their voice and have the confidence to speak and act.

Schreiner is an environment well suited to meeting students where they are and then providing them a multitude of opportunities to make new discoveries. Your support generates galvanizing experiences that help them gain new perspectives and insights not only about themselves, but also the diverse world in which they will live and work.

Schreiner University’s front entrance encourages not only our students to “Enter with Hope,” but extends this to all who enter our campus, also. Hope is a powerful thing and we need it now more than ever.

At Schreiner, we embrace you as the heart of this University and the hope of our students. Hope flourishes in and all around us because of the heart of this community. Thank you for all that you do to embrace Schreiner University and our students.

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