Dietert News – May 27, 2020

Brenda Chapman is the executive director for Dietert Center.

In contemplating what to write about this week, I spent some quiet time thinking about life right now.

Everyone in our community is going through so many different emotions and thoughts right now. I have a battle going on in my mind for sure. Do we open our doors and get back to normal, or do we continue to stay closed so that our at-risk demographic friends are safe and healthy?

My better judgement tells me to stay closed a little longer to make sure all is well. Like other businesses in town though, we have to look at the financial side of things, too. We have been so blessed to receive financial assistance from individuals, corporations, foundations, state, and federal resources to help us manage during this time.

We are passionate stewards of those funds and have made budgetary changes to assure we are only spending when and where we need to. At some point though, we are ready to get back to the day-to-day operations. That is one thing that this experience has given me and others, I believe – a chance to slow down and appreciate every single moment in our lives. We miss each and every one of you and look forward to seeing your bright, cheery smiles very soon.

If all goes well, we hope to open the center to the public the first part of June. Because we should still make sure we are meeting any social distancing recommendations, some activities will start sooner than others. We want to determine if any additional recommendations are required before we open.

The health and wellbeing of our clientele is our biggest concern. When we feel all is safe, we will open again with a celebration. Watch for updates in this column, our website, or our Facebook page.

We transitioned back to delivering hot meals to over 300 seniors every day (Monday-Friday) last week and it went very well. The clients were excited to see someone every day and our volunteers were happy to see them. I delivered a route last week and it sure gave me some joy in my heart that I had been missing during this crazy time. I think all of the clients are happy to get back to some sort of normal. If delivering meals is something you ever thought about doing, now is a good time to get started. Give Tony Ramos a call at 792-4044 x250 to learn more about it.

I can’t say it enough - if you have seniors in your neighborhood, please continue to check on them to sure they have what they need and give them some love so they don’t feel isolated. If they are in need of the Meals on Wheels program, please ask them to call us at 896-8117 for eligibility information.

Our third “Tuesday Donation Day at the Dietert” was great. We are especially in need of wheelchairs at this time, so if you have one taking up space, we’ll take care of it for you.

Please donate your gently used medical equipment on Tuesdays from 1-4 p.m. You can drop them off at the front door area. We will have someone there to accept your items and give you a donation receipt. We are not able to accept items such as foot braces, arm slings, or other items that might attach to the skin, for obvious reasons. Last year, we loaned out over 1,168 medical equipment items to those in need. Remember, anytime you need to borrow something, just give us a call to see if we have it. Then, just bring it back when you are finished so that others can use it.

The new Club Ed summer catalog should be in your mailboxes very soon. We have included classes to begin June 1 and hope that we are able to accommodate that. Be sure to sign up for a class and bring some excitement back in to our building. Please just be understanding and bear with us if some of those plans change due to recommendations from health officials. We hope to be up and running full steam soon.

Please call us at 792-4044 if you have any questions or need additional information. Hope to see everyone very soon.

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