Schreiner University: Continuing to serve the educational needs of the Hill Country

Dr. Charlie McCormick is the President of Schreiner University

by Dr. Charlie McCormick

Schreiner University President

Over the last several months, higher education has encountered a number of challenges to its traditional way of doing things. Across the nation, we have expanded our capacity for delivering virtual education, we have shuttered our residential campuses, and we have radically changed our academic calendars. Most of us expect that we will not go back to the way things were any time soon—possibly never.

As terrifying as this potential new reality can feel, many of us in higher education find this to be a liberating moment, too. Certainly, institutions as old, storied, and powerful as those in higher education have leaned into inertia so as to preserve themselves through generations of fads and changing winds. There is a logic to this inertia, but it has caused too many of our institutions to lose focus on the communities we were founded to serve. In this pandemic moment, many of us in higher education believe that further entrenchment is not the best path for moving forward. Schreiner University is doubling down on serving our local community.

For many years, Schreiner has served a population beyond the stereotypical undergraduate who is 18 – 24 years old and pursuing a baccalaureate degree. Last year, for example, more than 6 percent of our students were more than 25 years old. Our licensed vocational nursing program has served hundreds of adults over several decades who were looking for training that would facilitate their entry into the health-care industry. More recently, we have added to our curricular offerings both online programs for working, registered nurses who want to earn the bachelor’s degree in nursing and online graduate programs in business administration (M.B.A.) and education (M.Ed.). For each of these programs, we created affordable pathways that had the flexibility working adults needed. Starting in the fall, we are going to be offering even more of these programs.

Schreiner is delighted to announce that we will further expand our educational offerings, with a special focus on working adults. For example, in partnership with Condensed Curriculum International, Schreiner will offer a wide variety of online certification programs in health-care related areas. These certifications will be of interest to those looking to enter the health care field and will provide those already in the field a new opportunity to broaden their skill set. The certification opportunities will span from Medical Billing and Coding to Phlebotomy Technician.

Additionally, Schreiner will launch an online, very affordable, and basic bachelor’s degree in business for adults who are looking to up-skill and/or earn an additional credential in support of their personal and professional development. This will be of particular interest to people who may have started to earn their degree, but got side-tracked for one reason or another, and will provide an expeditious way to bring this degree to completion.

Finally, Schreiner is launching its “Texas Bold” program. This virtual program is designed around Schreiner’s new Texas Center and enables adults that want to further study this most extraordinary state the opportunity to do so without the expectations of earning course credit or a degree.

Regardless of what—or any—college experience you have had in the past, you will find “Texas Bold” to be an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity and your desire to continue learning.

We feel that Schreiner University has an obligation to not only provide a premier education to our students—preparing them for meaningful work and purposeful lives in an ever changing global society, but also to our own local community—to provide programming specific to the needs of the Hill Country.

Captain Schreiner and the Presbytery of West Texas had a vision for a Hill Country educational institution when they decided to join together to create Schreiner Institute. It is our intention to express our fidelity to this vision by continuing to serve the educational needs of the entire Hill Country community.

If you have an interest in any or all of these programs, contact the Admissions office at Schreiner University—your University—for further information.

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