Even before the polls closed on the east coast and as late as the weekend, dozens of reports rolled in of mail ballot fraud, deliberate undercounts, Post Office delivery fraud, back door deliveries of boxes of ballots, vote totals that exceed registered voters, and polling place coercions, all by Democrats against Republicans.

There are reports of poll watchers being denied legal access to the counting process as close as Gillespie County. News outlets have called races while a significant number of ballots have yet to be counted. The socialists are determined to rig another election, and not a single Russian was involved.

If you are not aware of any of this, it is just another example of the fine job done by the Socialist Agenda to lie, cheat and steal its way past our Constitution with Main Stream Media cooperation, not only avoiding news it doesn’t want you to hear, but flat out lying or misrepresenting what is actually said and done. And no, not even Fox News has escaped the biased reporting.

If the court challenges are successful, the illegitimate ballots are thrown out and President Trump is declared the legitimate winner, we still face serious threats from the Deep State, their foot soldiers rioting in the streets, and complicit elected representatives and the media.

This is the kind of government you want?

– Stephen Lehman


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