Dear Democrats,

In answer to Mr. Coleman’s letter of last week, we will never stop supporting the most conservative president since Reagan. The litany of lies, misinformation and sleepy Joe Biden talking points do not sway us. We prefer to keep our Constitutional Republic and reject Democrat socialism.

Locking kids in cages occurred during the Obama Administration. Trump ended the practice.

Impeachment was a sham because corrupt Hillary didn’t win the election. Not one item of impeachment was proven true.

His “blatant corruption, racism and constant lying” are figments of your Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Obama pardoned 1,927 felons during his eight years as president. Not a peep from the left. Trump has pardoned 25, some wrongly or illegally convicted by the Deep State witch hunt to destroy Trump.

China is responsible for COVID-19, not Trump. Federal response has been hampered by Deep State misinformation. One can only imagine the nightmare we would be living in under incompetents Clinton or Biden.

The federal agents guarding federal property in those cities being ruined by democrat rioters are neither anonymous nor mercenary. Mr. Coleman is confusing the federal agents with the Marxist-financed groups ANTIFA and BLM who wear masks to hide their identity.

The kind of government overreach that the Second Amendment is designed to guard against is what Democrats will be voting for in November.

As far as I, a veteran, am concerned, any veteran who votes Democrat is violating their oath and is guilty of treason.

Hillary still does not accept any responsibility for being a horrible, unlikable candidate or running an inept campaign. The liberal Deep State has been sabotaging a duly elected president for three years. Democrats did not accept the results of the 2016 election and they will not accept the results of Trump’s reelection.

– Stephen Lehman


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You know Steve, once upon a time Republicans would write sensible letters to the editor, advocating such conservative values as personal responsibility, family values, rule of law, defense of the Constitution, honest government, lower deficits, respect for the military, strong international alliances, standing up to dictators, and defending democracy.

Today you cannot possibly argue that Donald Trump stands for any of those traditional conservative values, and you can’t persuasively argue that Joe Biden does not stand for those values.

Richard Coleman

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