Dietert News – May 27, 2020

Brenda Chapman is the executive director for Dietert Center.

The Dietert Center is not open to the public for classes, activities, and dining yet, but we are certainly getting ready for it. We want to make sure the early opening of activities in our community is successful and if any additional recommendations are required before we open.

The health and wellbeing of our clientele is of our utmost concern. When we feel all is safe, we will open again with a celebration. Watch for updates in this column, our website, or our Facebook page.

Good news for our Meals on Wheels clients, though. We are transitioning back to daily hot meal delivery Monday-Friday starting next Monday, May 11.

We have taken great strides to keep everyone safe while preparing, packing out and delivering our meals to our homebound seniors and we will continue to do so with the same thoughts and processes in mind. The procedures we implemented weeks ago gave us the opportunity to limit the amount of interaction between staff, volunteers and clients to assure social distancing recommendations.

I couldn’t be more proud of the volunteers and staff for their enthusiasm and dedication during this time. Their commitment to the health and safety of our clients is so appreciated and an added bonus, we loved seeing everyone in their masks.

Thank you again to Sue Tiemann, Sherri Steadham, Rose Bradshaw, Davila Ryno, Tina Woods, Kathy Thompson, Julie Milam and all the friends at Creations, for your many, many handmade masks that helped us get this done. I estimate that we received close to 400 masks for our volunteers, clients and staff. Wow, thank you!

We are currently delivering meals to more than 300 seniors every week.

Our numbers keep going up as many seniors find themselves homebound at this time. If you have seniors in your neighborhood, please continue to check on them and make sure they have what they need during this time and that they don’t feel isolated. If they are in need of the Meals on Wheels program, please ask them to call us at 896-8117 for eligibility information.

Our first “Tuesday Donation Day at the Dietert” was great. Now that some elective surgeries are being performed, the need for borrowing equipment is rising.

Please donate your gently used medical equipment on Tuesdays from 1-4 p.m. You can drop them off at the front door area. We will have someone there to accept your items and give you a donation receipt.

We are especially in need of wheelchairs, knee scooters, transfer benches, portable commode chairs, shower chairs and stools right now. We are not able to accept items such as foot braces, arm slings, or other items that might attach to the skin, for obvious reasons.

If you have any questions about your item, just give us a call. Last year, we loaned out more than 1,168 medical equipment items to those in need. When the items are returned, they are sanitized and ready to go to the next person.

I am so glad that we are here to help our community in this way. Remember, any time you need to borrow something, just give us a call to see if we have it. Then, just bring it back when you are finished so that others can use it.

Please call us at 792-4044 if you have any questions or need additional information. Hope to see everyone very soon!

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