To the editor:

A year ago the citizens of Kerrville overwhelmingly voted to remove Mayor White and replace her with Bill Blackburn.

However, it appears that those in Kerrville who miss the dysfunction, disruption, and general weirdness of Mayor White’s tenure have found a way to carry on those experiences via Councilman George Baroody.

It appears that Mr. Baroody would be happy to completely shut down city government until he gets his way, whatever that is. He would have voters believe that the city is crumbling under a mountain of debt based on flawed and cherry-picked data.

Does he not know that we haven’t had a property tax rate increase in nine years and Standard & Poor’s rates Kerrville as AA – based on successful budgeting processes and the taxing restrictions the Council has instituted? (This rating allows favorable interest rates when the city does borrow.)

He apparently also feels that the city staff is incompetent and should devote a large portion of their time answering his nit-picking questions in triplicate – and that the mayor and the other members of the council are planning ways to waste as much of your tax dollars as possible.

I would like city government to get back on track and hope you will vote, as I will, for Kim Clarkson and Gary Cochrane – two experienced, conservative candidates committed to smart government and well-managed growth for our city.

– John Kissick


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