Marriage licenses were issued recently to the following couples:

•    David Wesley Koller and Lisa Marie Neyhart, Nov. 13.

•    Enrique Vengas Falcon and Vanessa Ramirez Pescador, Nov. 13.

•    John Llewellyn Hazard, Jr. and Stephanie Rene Sill, Nov. 13.

•    Omar Islas and Sylvia Sanchez Coronado, Nov. 16.

•    Ethan Ryan Digby and Alexis Maria Turner, Nov. 17.

•    Corbin Douglas Thompson and Katherine Ann Howard-Marlow, Nov. 17.

•    John Phillipe Ayres and Alisa Faithe Oldham, Nov. 17.

•    David Oranday and Diana Sanchez, Nov. 18.

•    Arthur Ambrosio Garcia, Jr. and Barbara Ann Olvedo, Nov. 18.

•    Ronald Jay Carpenter and Gena Carol Robertson, Nov. 19.


Divorces were granted recently to the following:

•    Maria Cantu Ortega of Kerrville and Edward Joe Ortega of Edinburg, Nov 16.

•    Heidi Kay Schiek of Boerne and Trenton Crawford Schiek of Kerrville, Nov 16.

•    Marissa Vay Chatagnier of Kerrville and Aaron James Chatagnier of Kerrville, Nov. 18.

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