AYSO United HC Soccer updates, tryouts detailed

Prior to social distancing guidelines in January, Kamryn Hayes, Delaney Engstrom and Caroline Bond enjoyed a quick break from soccer training at the Kerrville Soccer Complex. These girls are eager to get back to training as soon as possible.

We love soccer and we love kids. AYSO United HC builds off of AYSO’s (American Youth Soccer Organization) mission: to provide world-class soccer programs that enrich children’s live. AYSO United HC sprouted from our core soccer programs, both in Fredericksburg and in Kerrville, and the desire to make a pathway for committed competitive soccer players to grow and challenge themselves in a positive coaching environment.

Soccer clubs can be tough. AYSO United HC keeps the competition where it belongs, on the field. If your child makes the team, she will play during the games, and not just sit the bench. If your child makes the team, he will have opportunities for technical and tactical trainings weekly during the playing seasons and optional technical during the off season. If your child makes the team she will compete in a strong team environment that encourages growth.

Playing for AYSO United HC allows children opportunities to win and be humble, to lose and to learn from mistakes, to count on teammates to be there and to forgive them if they’re not. Coaches stay away from yelling phrases like, “what were you thinking?” But rearrange that same phrase in a positive way; “when you ran into your teammate who had the ball, what were you trying to do? (Pause for answer) That didn’t work out right. What could you have done differently there?” United coaches are trained, through AYSO and USSF (United States Soccer Federation) to coach positively, to look to coach each individual, and to use learning opportunities instead of using degrading yelling. In this way we hope for each individual to grow, to grow as a team and to ultimately win as a team.

AYSO United HC was forged through parent efforts. Parents in Kerrville and Fredericksburg looked to build off of the local recreational soccer programs for more competitive options, without losing the AYSO philosophies of Everyone Plays, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development. After merging AYSO United Fredericksburg and Hill Country Crush, AYSO United HC has seen many successes.

Between the existing teams in both cities we made 12 competitive teams. Teams were placed in leagues that were appropriate for their playing level. Of those teams: two won their division, with one going undefeated. Several finished in the Top Five of their league.  Three teams are being promoted to higher divisions. All teams were competitive within their divisions winning some and losing some.

In addition to the soccer wins, another huge success was the ability for the adults (coaches, board members, parents, etc) to work together to merge clubs and teams. As you can imagine, there is some pride and ownership amongst coaches and clubs.

The overall feeling of wanting kids to play, and wanting soccer to succeed for them, helped everyone come to the table and make a soccer club that works for many. It’s not perfect and we continue to work to with community members in both cities to make the player pathway smooth and strong for anyone who loves and is committed to soccer.

As we continue to grow as a club our constant goal is to provide a world class soccer program that enriches children’s lives.

As far as what to work on for our players…technical skills always, understanding space and timing, improving game awareness and creating a strong individual work ethic. The work that a player puts in at home doubles the effectiveness of team practice. Each coach strives to improve for their team’s success. The club pays for coach licensing from USSF and encourages all coaches to have a “D” license or higher. AYSO also offers coaching clinics which are free for registered coaches. AYSO United provides access to online drills, training sessions and a nationalized curriculum for all the AYSO United clubs. Several of our coaches are also members of United Soccer Coaches which is an independent coaching body dedicated to uniting and improving coaches.

This next year will be an interesting one. There is fear and hesitation about being in public places and being with groups of people due to the Coronavirus. We hope that there will be sports in the fall. We continue to monitor our state and national soccer leaders and our public health leaders to make decisions on behalf of our club.

Safety of our players is always our top concern.

Though we do not have a firm date for tryouts, we are looking at the first week of June as our primary possibility. Prospective players can visit www.aysounitedhc.org and register for tryouts. There is no charge to register for tryouts and no obligation. Questions? Concerns? Contact AYSO United HC President, Dan Kemp, at DanKemp@ aysounitedhc.org.

"As we continue to navigate the uncertainty, we are doing the very best we can to get kids back on the soccer fields as soon as it is permissible. We promise to continue to do our best to keep kids safe as we (hopefully) begin to open up tryouts soon. We miss seeing all of our players and coaches," said Dan Kemp, AYSO United HC president.

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