HOUSTON - Our Lady of the Hills' season ended Tuesday night when Houston St. Thomas Episcopal shut out the Hawks in the second round of TAPPS 3A post-season play, losing 3-0.

The Hawks finish the year 9-6 after its first playoff stretch in three years.

"From a coaching standpoint it was rough because, while St. Thomas was a very good team we were unlucky," OLH head coach Garrett Kull said."The first goal skipped over a trap and to their credit they finished it and then the second goal was a penalty kick on a handball. Their third goal came later in the second as we pushed more guys up the field."

Despite the loss, Kull said he commended his players.

"We had our chances and unfortunately it wasn't our day. But the boys should hold their heads up high because they played their best and have a season of work to show for it," Kull said "My parting words to the team were that they now had an expectation to live up to the great leadership from our captains and seniors. I told them that I was proud of them for their hard work, determination, and heart. I even pulled one of the juniors aside and told him to remember this feeling so he and the team could use it next year. From the beginning to the end, this team was special. Everyone was a contributor, the boys came together as a family, and each of them worked so hard. The most fulfilling part for me as a coach was watching each player grow significantly not only as a player, but as a young man."

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