SAN ANTONIO -- Sammy Bustamante and Haiden Hass will represent Center Center Point's powerlifting team at Class 2A regional competition after meeting qualifying standards at a meet on Friday, Febr.28 in San Antonio.

Team members were in need of a meet where they could try and earn totals to advance after a cancellation of an originally planned event. The Pirates qualifiers and other team members participated at the Texas Strength Systems facility, where their lifts could be verified and certified.

Sammy Bustamante and Hass were the only lifters to extend their seasons and will be part of the boys regional powerlifting meet in Bishop slated for March 12. Competitors had to finish their seasons ranked in the top 10 of their respective weight classes.

Jake Laque totaled 1200 pounds, including a 535 squat and missed regional by just 150 pounds.

Kevin Cieneceros had a 550 pound quat and 1220 total. Derrick Valadez totaled 675 and Abel Bustamante totaled 1075.

"We had some great strides this year. The large numbers and experience we gained will help as we are a young team," said coach Mario Laque. "We will miss the leadership of Seniors Abel Bustamante and Bryan Arreola. I'm proud of all the boys and the effort that they put into helping our program grow and be successful. It was a fun season indeed."

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