Antlers finish 2-2 during play at Harlandale tourney

SAN ANTONIO – Tivy went 1-1 on the first day of the San Antonio Harlandale ISD Basketball Tournament that began Thursday.

The Antlers were only four-of-nine from the free throw line in an opening 55-45 loss to the hosting Harlandale Indians, which became the first team to defeat Tivy after a pair of season-opening wins.

Tivy was down only 21-18 at halftime, but the Indians generated 24 points in the third quarter to pull away to a 14-point lead after three quarters.

Quentin Vega was high point Antler with an even dozen. Mason Carlile added 11 points and Jake Layton scored 10.

Jaden Frausto entered the game averaging 24 points per outing, but was held in check with only four. Seth Hendricks also finished with four, while Luke Johnston and Robert Jackson had two each.

Harlandale was not much better than Tivy at the charity stripe, but did make eight of 16, which allowed for some of the difference at the end of the game.

In their second game of pool play the Antlers worked overtime to hold off San Antonio Highlands 68-65.

Tivy showed vast improvement at the free throw line, where the Antlers sank 15 of 18 tries, including six of seven in overtime.

Frausto came on for 22 points and was three-for-three at the line in the extra period. Vega knocked down 16 points, which included seven in overtime. Johnston added in eight and was the other Antler garnering points after regulation time.

Jackson came up with 10 points , while Carlile and Hendricks had six each.

Another break-even day met the Tivy Antlers, who were frustrated by the South San Bobcats before clocking the Minutemen from San Antonio Memorial in games at the Harlandale ISD Boys Basketball Tournament.

Tivy needed wins in both games Friday to continue play on Saturday and left the tournament 2-2, which put their early season mark at 4-2.

Quentin Vega averaged 11.2 points per game and knocked down five three-pointers in Tivy’s contest to earn himself a spot on the all-tourney team.

Vega scored 10 of his points in Tivy’s second game Friday when the Antlers beat Memorial 65-30.

Robert Jackson led the way with 13 and Jaden Frausto added 11 to give the Antlers three players in double figures. Jaxson Kincaid was close with nine. Luke Johnston had seven. Cade Braaten and Mehki made four each, while Mason Carlile pitched in three and two apiece were from Hudson Freedle and Seth Hendricks.

In their earlier game versus South San, the Antlers ran up against stall-ball tactics when the Bobcats did all they could to keep the ball out of Tivy’s hands and the up-tempo game employed by the Antlers this season.

The final score read 35-26 in favor of South San.

First quarter scoring was 6-1 South San and the Antlers had just four points at break. The second half was more of a free throw display when Tivy went to the line for 11 of its 12 attempts. The Antlers made six. South San connected on four of eight, all coming in the second half.

Vega led Tivy with seven points against the Bobcats. Frausto added six. Johnston had five. Jake Layton and Carlile three each, while Jackson had two.

Tourney trips to San Antonio were a precursor for a series of road games on Tivy’s schedule, which takes the Antlers to SA Southwest Legacy, SA Cornerstone and San Marcos. Tivy is not home again until Tuesday, Dec. 7 when the Antlers host Kyle Lehman in the District 26-5A opener.


TIVY                10  8  13  14 (45)

HARLANDALE 8  13  24  10 (55)

TIVY (45) Quentin Vega 4-1-1-12, Mason Carlile 1-3-0-11, Jake Layton 2-1-3-10, Jaden Frausto 2-0-0-4, Seth Hendricks 2-0-0-4, Robert Jackson 1-0-0-2, Luke Johnston 1-0-0-2

HARLANDALE (55) Langengong 3-2-3-15, Regaldo 3-2-2-14, Munoz 2-1-3-10, Valenzuela 2-2-0-10, Harrison 1-0-0-2, Herandez 1-0-0-2, Olmos 1-0-0-2

Halftime: Tivy 18, Harlandale 21

3 Pointers: Tivy Vega (1), Carlie (3), Layton (1); Harlandale  Regaldo (2), Langengong (2) Valenzuela (2), Munoz (1)

FT’s: Tivy 9-4 (44.4-percent), Harlandale 16-8 (50-percent)


TIVY                 22  13    9  12 (56) OT 12 (68)

HIGHLANDS   10  12  23  11 (56)    OT 9   (65)

TIVY (68) Jaden Frausto 4-3-5-22, Quentin Vega 4-1-5-16, Robert Jackson 4-0-2-10, Luke Johnston 2-1-1-8, Mason Carlile 0-2-0-6, Seth Hendricks 2-0-2-6,

HIGHLANDS (65) Gaskiw 5-1-3-16, Sattlewhite 4-1-1-12, Moltos 1-2-0-8

Garza 3-0-0-6, Clay 2-0-0-4, Lewis 0-1-0-3, Vasquez 1-0-0-2, Camacho 1-0-0-2,

Halftime: Tivy 35, Highlands 22

3 Pointers: Tivy Frausto (3), Carlile (2), Vega (1), Johnston (1); Highlands Moltos (2) Lewis (1), Gaskiw (1), Sattlewhite (1)

FT’s: Tivy 18/15 (83.3-percent), Highlands 9/6 16-8 (66.6-percent)


TIVY                28   21  10  6 (65)

MEMORIAL      9   11    5  5 (30)

TIVY (65) Robert Jackson 6-1-13, Jaden Frausto 1-3-1-11, Quentin Vega 2-2-0-10, Jaxson Kincaid 0-3-0-9, Luke Johnston 2-0-3-7, Cade Braaten 2-0-0-4, Mehki Frazier 1-0-2-4, Mason Carlile 0-1-0-3, Hudson Freedle 1-0-0-2, Seth Hendricks 1-0-0-2,

MEMORIAL (30) Frank Morales 4-0-5-13, Isaiah Guerrero 3-1-2-11, Matthew Rubio 1-0-0-2, John Luna 1-0-0-2, Joe Fernandez 0-0-2-2,

Halftime: Tivy 49, Memorial 20

3 Pointers: Tivy Frausto (3), Vega (2), Carlie (1); Memorial Isaiah Guerrero (1)

FT’s: Tivy 7-6 (85.7-percent), Memorial 14-10 (71-percent)


TIVY                 1     3   10   12 (26)

SOUTH SAN     6  11    9      9 (35)  

TIVY (26) Quentin Vega 3-0-1-7, Jaden Frausto 0-2-6, Luke Johnston 2-0-1-5, Jake Layton 1-0-1-3, Mason Carlile 0-1-0-3, Robert Jackson 0-0-2-2

SOUTH SAN (35) Gonzales 5-1-4-17, Ford 1-1-0-5, Hernandez 1-1-0-5, Saldana 1-0-0-2, Gallups 1-0-0-2, Gallegos 1-0-0-2, Noriega 1-0-0-2

Halftime: South San 17, Tivy 4

3 Pointers: Tivy Frausto (2), Carlile (1); South San Gonzales (1), Ford (1), Hernandez (1)

FT’s: Tivy 12/6 (50-percent), South San 8/4 16-8 (50percent)

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